Terms of Service & Privacy

We need certain types of information to allow the BUZZ platform to run effectively as a business tool to you. For example, you must have an account with us in order to upload content. When you choose to share your information with us we collect and use it to improve our services for you.


If and when you choose to create a BUZZ account, we will need to use your personal and professional information to improve our service to you and the industry.

Your username, nicknames and business name are always available to the public and you are free to use a pseudonym if you choose, although this may inhibit colleagues and clients from effectively searching for you.

You are free to create as many accounts as you like, but if we feel that an account has been set up to block, disrupt or damage (or any other negative reason) another genuine account, then we reserve the right to terminate such account if needed with no explanation or warning.


Most of the information on BUZZ is public when posted on the public forums. There are private areas inside BUZZ like the messaging service. For example, your username and nickname will be public.

If you engage with an ad on BUZZ then that advertiser might get in touch with you via your profile. The advertiser might also learn some information about you which might be relevant to their market and allow for them to better connect with professionals inside BUZZ.

Engagements on the BUZZ feed and the profiles are public, including comments.

All of your engagements on a post will remain attached to that post unless you remove them where you can.

When/if other users tag or mention your names, that information will also be public.

You are entirely responsible for the content that you post in any area of BUZZ
and can be held accountable, if reviewed, by any authority investigating questionable behaviour on the platform. We aim to keep a supportive and professional platform with BUZZ and we will support and a user who may feel victimised, bullied or discriminated against unless otherwise proven.

BUZZ reserves the right to delete any such comment, photo or other post and possibly warn, suspend, terminate or any other relevant course of action against such user.

If we need to contact you for technical issues/guidance, or anything else relating to support, we will do so, either via the app messenger or via your user email

The content of Private messages belong to both parties once’s posted and it is entirely up to either user how that information is used. For example, If either party chooses to screengrab a conversation, either party is entitled to do so and share how they see fit.

If they choose to share that content to BUZZ to prove any type of harassment or abuse then we reserve the right to take action against that users account in any way including the steps mentioned above.

Just be kind and use the platform as intended.

When you choose to post content and information on BUZZ you are allowing us to use that information in any way we see fit to improve the industry.

In some cases, we may license out information to third parties. These third parties are not part of or affiliated with BUZZ. (We have terms on how this information can be used.


BUZZ uses your contact information in a number of ways. For example: to authenticate your account and share content with you via your account, and to improve and personalise the content that BUZZ can provide you.

If you provide us with any contact information, you agree to allow us to use that contact information to share information, ads and personalised content directly to you.

We may also choose to share that information by way of license to third parties to market to you and provide products and services that may benefit you.

BUZZ will also allow that information to be used to allow other users to search for you to follow or connect professionally.

If you email or call us, we will keep that information, if different from your BUZZ information (unless requested in writing to remove) and we will keep the content of the messages.


We have provided you with a Direct Message feature for private or controlled use. (Once a message is shared between parties, the content is theirs to use and share as they see fit).

We store all messages for security to protect against illegal activity.
If any such content is bought to our attention then we will share then information with the relevant authorities of your country.

BUZZ shares the information in the direct messages area to the people that you intend to communicate with.

You will not receive ads in theses private message threads.


We may require your location which we can obtain via different in-phone tech.

This allows us to better understand how you interact with BUZZ and how we can improve BUZZ and it’s service to you. For example, we may recommend a barber or business to you when you are away on business based on the types of service that we know you require or might like.

We will store any location data that we have from you based on your BUZZ use so that we may improve our service to you. For expanse, if we know that you visit a location regularly, then we can provide you with information to allow you to plan ahead and use BUZZ more effectively.


BUZZ may store data based on links that you interacted with inside the BUZZ platform and if you interact with a link from an advert then we will be able to offer you a more personalised experience as time goes by.

If you interest with a link via BUZZ which takes you away from our platform to an external site, then we are in no way responsible for anything that happens past that initial interaction in any capacity.


Like many other websites, we use cookies and related technologies to collect other information to better improve the BUZZ service.

Some of the services inside BUZZ may not work as effectively for you if you disable cookies.

We use all types of cookies to better understand how you use BUZZ in any capacity to improve our service and the personalisation to you including ads, language and activity.


We may use your information to better display ads to you and, from time to time, license large scale information bundles (which will be de-personalised) to better allow the products or services to improve your experience with BUZZ and promote products or services that can improve your career or interests.

Advertising revenue is a main source of revenue for BUZZ which allows us to continue to develop and grow the platform to better suit our users.
We may combine data gathered from external sources and combine them the data that we have through BUZZ to better personalise your experience.


We may share your information with other parties. For example, we may contract cybersecurity companies to help improve the BUZZ platforms safety for our users and data improvements. (All data will be de-personalised).

You may choose to allow third companies to share information across platforms and they may share some data with us about you to help support your combined experiences.


If you log into BUZZ on a computer, BUZZ May receive information about your history based on browser and cookie activity. We may use this information (not limited) to offer you more personalised ads and content based on the information gathered.


We may from time to time share your public information (de-personalised) and device/technology information with third parties to improve and support the BUZZ NETWORK.

Third parties may use the de-personalised data to their benefit.


We may hold, use and/or disclose your personal data if we believe it is necessary to do so in order to keep our platform and the communities around our users safe. We may disclose all personal data to any relevant law enforcement and comply with any laws, regulations or specific governmental requests we see fit to protect individuals against spam, fraud, abuse and uphold the integrity of the BUZZ platform.


If BUZZ, for any reason whatsoever, goes out of business, sells, merges or any other transition, your personal data may be sold or transferred as part of the transaction.

The whole of this Privacy Policy, or in part, may be changed under new ownership or title and may be adjusted accordingly.

In such events, you will have the choice to terminate your use of the platform.

You may transfer your account to a third party and/or sell your account. Your personal logins and security passwords and protections are yours to do with as you see fit.

BUZZ will not be held accountable for any such actions taken by you in regards to account transfers.


We may disclose any non-personal information to third parties to better service the BUZZ platform. Example, how many profiles podcasts are clicked and or watched, what locations people are travelling to the most to help suggest business and or, what hashtags are used the most or upcoming.
BUZZ doesn’t limit the potential non-personal data share to improve the professional platforms to our users.


The data given by you is controlled by you and can be amended at any time. You may also delete or clear your accounts at any time.

If you require your personal data then you may contact us via our page and submit a request. We will take steps to authenticate your identity prior to granting personal data access.


You can adjust your personal at any point inside the BUZZ platform.


If you delete your BUZZ account then your profile will not be accessible via BUZZ.

Some search engines may be able to find historic pages with your profile information.

Once your account is deleted then it is deleted and cannot be restored.
Your personal data may still be stored by BUZZ.


It may take some time to adjust all the information publicly through the BUZZ platforms.


You can communicate to us at BUZZ by sending an email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will aim to reply to your requests at our earliest continence.


BUZZ is a professional platform but also has client-facing elements. We restrict the use to anyone under the age of 13.

We may allow parents or guardians to give consent to minors but this will have to be in writing.

We will use your personal information where necessary to try and determine if you are a responsible guardian to the minor.

If we find any accounts that look to have been set up without consent or going against our guidelines, then we reserve the right to terminate such accounts without warning and possibly hand over any personal information to relevant law enforcement.


We allow data transfer globally within the professional BUZZ platform. By using BUZZ you allow your information to be shared across the platform in any capacity. Example: Users can search for your profile globally and give endorsements.


We may change the terms and revise this Privacy Policy at any time and we will update you via our BUZZ feed or via email.
Continued use of the BUZZ platform after such notifications bounds you to the revised and updated Privacy Policy.